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Please note that submitting a form requires you to log in with a Google/Gmail account. If you do not already have one, instructions on how to set up a Gmail account can be found here. It is completely free and easy to use and is important to ensure your privacy is protected.

If you have any issues applying, please email us at or call us on 02 8596 4320 for assistance and we will be in touch shortly. You can also find the answers to some common questions about applying for financial assistance here.

The Foundation has expanded its activities over the years and can provide assistance in the following ways:



    Assistance for applicants who are experiencing financial hardship and cannot secure funds through other means. Examples include overdue rent or mortgage, utilities and general living expenses. Applicants must be able to provide supporting documents to confirm their financial position. The Trustees are able to consider a request for assistance outside of the normal review process if an applicant is in severe financial hardship.


    Assistance for out of pocket medical expenses for eligible applicants, their partners or dependants in the event of illness, accident or other medical emergency. Examples include gap payments for specialists, hospital expenses, pharmacy, rehabilitation and alternative treatments. Applicants must be able to provide supporting documents to confirm their medical condition.


    Assistance to cover expenses related to the funeral of a deceased current or former employee or a member of their immediate family. Due to the unexpected nature of these applications the Trustees are able to consider a request for assistance outside of the normal review process.


    Assistance towards education expenses for dependents of eligible applicants to cover expenses such as uniforms, shoes, textbooks, extracurricular activities and fees (in exceptional circumstances).


    Assistance for eligible applicants whose home or belongings have been damaged or who have had to evacuate their home in a natural disaster. Grants of $1,000 are available for emergency supplies, food and accommodation.


    Financial assistance towards expenses to support the wellbeing of eligible applicants and their families. Applicants should clearly demonstrate how the assistance will improve their wellbeing. Funding is provided to applicants who meet the criteria and who could not otherwise afford the activity or service.  Please review the guidelines for eligibility criteria.


    Assistance for eligible applicants to assist them to pursue various personal development goals. In order to be considered for a grant an applicant or beneficiary will be required, as part of the application process, to demonstrate considerable passion, achievement, aptitude or talent in their chosen field. Please review the guidelines before submitting your application.

All grants are strictly means tested and applications require complete financial disclosure.  All applications and enquiries are confidential. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.


The Fairfax Foundation Grants Factsheet provides information to help you understand what assistance is available and how to apply.

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